Clement and Hilda Gooi, family relocating from overseas


“We had not visited Perth before buying the property and we were very nervous to commit such a huge financial commitment. But we did beat the odds and against the norm of buying a house without having physically inspected the property and studying the suburb personally, due to logistic constraint while working overseas. All of this would not have been possible without Zana’s professional help and service. Zana was able to take away all my anxiety and walk with me through the entire process smoothly. Most importantly she understood our needs criteria and budget constraints, always looked out for us to protect our interest, helped us to study and survey the surrounding of the potential properties. Her hands on experience and knowledge of the suburb profile were really invaluable. Zana was more than just an agent, she is a friend and helped us in many ways in moving in, going around and give us good tips in starting a new life in Perth. Excellent job!”