David Holywell, property investor


“Having owned houses at various times in Perth over the past three decades living here I was quite familiar with the market and the way things are done in Western Australia. Buying property is difficult enough on your own in Western Australia so having a buyer’s agent work with you puts things in your favour quite significantly, and the cost is small in comparison to what you save getting a better price, and Zana helped me get a much better price. This was to be my first investment in property and in 2012, being very busy and wanting to ensure I would obtain an investment without emotion and utilise a property expert at the same time I decided to approach Property Buyers Services for assistance. I needed someone who would work for me to protect my interests and so I engaged Zana to assist me. She would ensure I made the right property investment decision and would negotiate with the vendor’s agent to obtain a good price for me. I found Zana to be very diligent and extremely hard working for me. She kept me fully informed and on top of the issues and worked closely with me under my direction I can highly recommend any Perth resident interested in buying a new home or an investment property to engage a buyer’s agent to work with them, and when doing so choose Property Buyers Services and have Zana on your side. It has been a fantastic experience for me and worth every cent. I purchased my investment property this week and feel confident I made the best purchase as I had the full support of Zana and I am very happy that I engaged her.”