Lena, Perth property investor


”We are living in Perth and had been looking around for 2 years for an investment property without any success. We were firstly time poor and secondly, unsure of the quality of the suburbs due to the diversity of the Perth market. We have driven around to suburbs recommended by friends and colleagues, and property magazines / forums, but amazingly cannot find something to suit. As the investment outlay is significant, we also did not want to make an expensive mistake.
We got in touch with a few buyers agents and they all required an upfront fee. Zana was the only agent confident enough to charge when there is a successful purchase. We liked Zana when we met her as she listened to our objectives before recommending. We felt that is important as different buyers have different requirements for investing. Zana also knew the Perth market well, and we were able to narrow the search pretty fast.
We are very happy to report that with intensive guidance and invaluable assistance from Zana, we finally knew what we wanted and found the one. We knew and we did buy during the peak, but we are confident of our purchase enough to sleep peacefully at night. Thank you Zana !“