Melinda and Tom, relocating to Perth from overseas


“We engaged Zana to help us search and secure a property in Perth. We bought our home while still living in Shanghai, and as such, required a person in Perth that we felt comfortable with but who could also represent us with the appropriate level of professionalism and dedication. We were operating under tight timeframes and had little knowledge of the Perth property market, but Zana was able to extend her full commitment and time to our situation. From the outset, Zana was able to provide her strong knowledge of the region together with a clear understanding of our personal requirements.

The buying process was executed and completed in a very smooth and efficient manner. Zana scheduled all inspections and made arrangements for all associated agents and/or formalities. Zana was also able to provide useful information about the local facilities that helped us select the right place for us and upcoming developments to ensure our investment is well protected. We are extremely grateful to Zana and would strongly recommend her to any genuine buyer.

Zana is a passionate person with high integrity and was extremely patient but persistent with our objectives. We issued offers on a number of properties and Zana remained supportive towards our requirements and respected our position at all times.”

Zana provided a practical and value oriented approach that was reasonable, reliable and realistic. We found a great deal of sense in all of her recommendations and suggestions. Zana was able to remove the anxiety and uncertainties from the house hunting process and actually make the transaction enjoyable and financially rewarding.

In summary, Zana was extremely committed and also acted in our best interest. She managed to secure a property at a fair price in a great location for us. We are certainly grateful for her time, efforts and interest to ensure we secured the most appropriate property.

We have and will continue to recommend Zana. Our experience was excellent!