Snjezana (Zana) Spiranovic van de Graaaf MA in Property Valuation and Law

Snjezana (Zana) has been assisting Perth property buyers for the past eleven years.
Zana is a licensed Perth buyers agent who will help you get a good deal and ensure an even playing field for both parties.

As your property buyer’s agent Zana will:

  • Listen carefully to your buying criteria and search the market to find properties that satisfy your needs taking into account your budget constraints.
  • Advise you on what features to look for and what to avoid in a property.
  • Use her extensive knowledge of desirable Perth areas to help you focus on suitable locations.
  • Provide objective property and price analysis reports enabling you to make informed decisions.
  • Use her network of contacts to find properties before they are advertised, giving you an advantage over other buyers.
  • Visit properties and send you informed feedback if you do not have time to search for a property yourself or if you don’t live in Perth.
  • Liaise with sales agents and act as a buffer between you and them.
  • Conduct searches with local authorities on properties of interest to give you information about future developments in the area and how they could affect the value of a property.
  • Use WhatsApp for instant messages/photos and FaceTime to video-walk you through your shortlisted properties.
  • Prepare the offer which will include protective conditions and ensure a full seller’s disclosure.
  • Arrange building and pest inspections.
  • Arrange for the settlement agent if you don’t wish to choose your own.
  • Oversee final inspections before settlement.
  • To read what her clients say about their experience working with Zana, have a look at testimonials