Anne, Cottesloe buyer


“We were living abroad in 2016 and engaged Zana to assist us with the purchase of a property in Perth.  We have only visited Perth as tourists prior and were very particular with our requirements; family home, location desirable for resale, walking distance <1km to train station/primary and high school/shopping/beach, etc.   Zana arranged viewing times which suited our time zone and we viewed many properties via FaceTime.

As we were not familiar with Perth, Zana provided a wealth of local knowledge from past use to future zoning plans, road noise and difficulties with driving children to school due to congestion as well as neighbours activities.  From Zanas experience she was able to point out the highlights and pitfalls of each property, approximate costs to renovate which needed to be considered by us, and due to her database access she was able to provide an approximate value for each property in the current market.  Several times we deliberated over a property late into the night prior to a ‘sale by negotiation’ and Zana was busy late at night preparing documents for us.

After a 4 month search, where Zana had covered many miles in house inspections, we had found the house we wanted. Here Zana really came into her own.  She ensured the settlement process went smoothly, arranged all inspections, ran the property plans past a third part to check, noted that part of the property did not have planning approval and she arranged a settlement retainer to ensure we were covered for the expenses of architect drawings and the approval process.  Also, Zana noted the neighbours and checked with the council for any plans lodged to extend their properties – here we found a neighbour was building a 2 storey extension into their back yard which had the potential to look onto our back yard.

Zana maintained a polite and friendly relationship with all the real estate agents and owners she met which has enabled us to continue the relationship amicably, particularly with the previous owner who has visited us several times to teach us about how the house works.

Zana met us at the house on our first day in country and handed us the keys and showed us around what she had learned of the property.  She had advised us which local utilities and service providers we should use and we were able to get ready for moving in from abroad.

Zana has been an absolute pleasure to work with and has helped us make the smoothest transition possible during a time of upheaval in our lives.  Zana works with modern communication tools such as WhatsApp and FaceTime which make interfacing with her from abroad very easy.  I have already recommended her to my friends who are looking to purchase a home.  I believe in our case the Buyers Agent fee was more than justified given the peace of mind Zana gave us and the many hours of work she put in for us.  For us to fly to Perth to attend viewing and avoid the mistakes we could have made had it not been for Zanas advise would have been very expensive.”