Astrid, Perth property buyer and investor


“I’ve bought and occasionally sold residential and commercial properties across Perth for 25 years. Recently, related to time constraints, I chose to identify and contract a Buyers Agent to assist with the acquisition of a commercial property.
Following review of local options, I contract Zana to acquire a very specific type of commercial property for me. Zana pursued this requirement diligently and communicated efficient and effectively with me at all time. Due to the success for this first transaction I engaged Zana to acquire a further commercial property again she fulfilled this request as per my brief. Zana attentively follows each transaction for its full course and continues to manage and advocate for client goals at all stages of the property acquisition process.
Additionally, Zana is a uniquely authentic and likeable professional in the real-estate space. I believe she saved me valuable time and resources in the acquisition of both commercial properties and I’d highly recommend her services to anyone wishing to acquire a property in Perth.“