Brendon R., Perth buyer relocating from overseas


“After a long stint overseas with a lot of things on the to-do list before relocating, finding and purchasing a house was ideal but seemed like an impossible task on top of everything else given our constraints and the challenging housing market at the time. We engaged Zana and immediately she started feeding through options until we narrowed down the property profile we agreed met our needs.  Zana helped filter through the market doing a lot of leg work visiting properties, facilitating walk throughs on video, and looking at the property history as well as providing her experience and knowledge of the area we were looking in.

Most valuable though, was removing the emotion from the decision making and always bringing it back to the basics around what we agreed would meet our needs. When we made the match – Zana facilitated making an offer that helped to represent me, the buyer – and ensured the sellers were held strictly to the terms and conditions all the way through to settlement.

Throughout the process having Zana on email and WhatsApp, always provided for a quick response and real time updates help me feel comfortable from afar.  Without her help, moving back would have been a whole lot more of a mission, stressful and frustrating, never mind the financial risks that may have eventuated  – even if I was not overseas I would seriously consider the service if you are busy or just want to avoid some grey hairs.”