Sally and Adam, Perth property buyers


“We contacted Zana, Perth buyers advocate, in August 2010 to ask her about helping finding us a new home. We were quite happy in our rental place and wanted to take some time to find the right home and ensure that we paid the right price. We both felt very comfortable with Zana and felt she answered our questions and responded to our concerns honestly and objectively. Zana provided us with excellent information on our process, and intervened in discussions with the agent so that all subsequent communication went through her. The selling agent had tried to put us under pressure to act quickly. We felt calm and in control and well informed thanks to Zana. Zana let us know at each stage what our obligations and rights were and when and how we could walk away – she truly was our advocate.

Zana explained to us that it was important that we determined a price we would be happy with and she was confident that we had as she knew we considered it our ‘walk away’ price. After we bought the house in Perth my husband and I felt really good about it as we were confident that we had a good buy and had not let our emotions or the pressure get the better of us. I believe we paid considerably less than if we had not used Zana and in addition to securing us a great home in Perth for a great price we had the additional value of peace of mind. Even though our search was considerably short, we feel we received good value. We love the house and would definitely use Zana again and recommend her.”