Dylan & Driana Rayner, relocating from Europe to Perth


“My wife and I are living in the UK and are moving back to Perth at the end of 2009. We wanted to purchase a property in Perth before we moved back and the prospect was daunting. Should we fly back and spend a hectic two weeks running between estate agents with no guarantee we would find a property.
So now three months down the line we are about to settle on a lovely property that ticked all the right boxes.
This was only made possible by the services of Zana, Perth buyers agent from Property Buyers Services. She has provided an excellent service from start to finish, she is super quick at replying to queries and provides an invaluable insight to the local market. We trawled though hundreds of properties on the Internet and forwarded her our favourites, from her position of knowledge she was able to vet many of them, saving us time and money.
With a bit of patience we finally found the perfect house in Perth with all the boxes ticked off our wish list. Further more, as we were purchasing from abroad, Zana, our buyers agent was able to advise on every aspect of the purchase, from building surveys to settlement agencies this made the purchase relatively stress free.
I would definitely recommend Zana from Property Buyers Services as a buyers agent to anyone, especially if you are purchasing from abroad, or if you don’t know the Perth or Australian property market. Thank you Zana for helping us find our dream home in Perth.”