Property Buyers Services is a Perth buyers agent.

We search and negotiate a fair price for Perth property buyers.

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Have you decided to buy a property in Perth? The beaches are wonderful, the sun always shines and the beer is always cold. If you are ready to buy, you should make sure that you don’t pay too much. For that you can use a buyers agent who’ll help you find and buy a house or an investment property in Perth.

When you appoint Property Buyers Services as your buyers advocate in Perth, you’ll gain rich insights into the real estate industry without paying any fees upfront. We will also provide you with access to silent listings that have not been advertised publicly on the market.

Buying a property in Perth, Western Australia, may be the biggest purchase you’ll ever make. Given that everything about real estate is geared in the seller’s favour, we’ll set you on the right path and take the heat out of difficult negotiations.

Protect your interests in an entirely new way.  Let Property Buyers Services, your Perth buying agent, level the playing field for you. All you need to do is to sit back, relax and enjoy the sun, the beaches and the cold beer.

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