Perth Buying Agent: Frequently Asked Questions

“Zana provided us with insightful, relevant and contemporary information on property selections that led us to finding and purchasing a fantastic property.”

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To help you find out more about buying a house in Perth and our services, here are the answers to the following common questions. For any additional questions you can send us an enquiry or call us to discuss your particular requirements.

Yes, that’s correct. No solicitors are involved. Perth selling agents will write the Offer and Acceptance document. Once signed by the buyer and the seller, this document becomes a legally binding Contract.

That will be very difficult. The Contract itself is already legally binding before it reaches the settlement agent. It would be very difficult for the buyer’s settlement agent to change any terms and conditions without the consent of the seller. Settlement agents are not solicitors.

That’s correct. Once the buyer has signed on the dotted line and the seller has accepted in writing the buyer’s Offer, there is no cooling-off period. There is practically no way back.

Yes, the selling agent represents both parties. Yes, there is a conflict of interest. The selling agent doesn’t have to disclose this conflict of interest to the buyer at any time. This may result in a less than satisfactory outcome for the buyer because the property transaction is handled by the selling agent who is appointed and paid by the seller.

In Western Australia selling agents are not obliged to share their fee with a buyer’s agent. If the fee is shared, the buyer’s agent will have to act as a joint agent with the selling agent. In such a case, the buyer’s agent will not be an independent party who serves solely the interests of the buyer. Only when the buyer is exclusively represented by a buyer’s agent, can the buyer be confident that the best possible outcome will be achieved with regards to the price and other terms of the Contract.

The fee will be justified by the better deal that the buyer’s agent will negotiate with the selling agent.

The service includes extensive research and advising the buyer on suitable properties. The buyer’s agent will alert the buyer to any potential pitfalls which may significantly disadvantage the buyer financially or otherwise. All inspections related to the property will be organized and followed through by the buyer’s agent until settlement.

Property Buyers Services does not charge any upfront fee.

“What can be an emotional and stressful decision time, Zana is the neutral objective party to keep you grounded.”

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“Zana’s extensive experience in and knowledge of the Perth residential property market coupled with relevant qualifications relating to property values and the building industry generally as well as her impressive negotiating skills proved invaluable to me.”

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