Take the legwork out of finding a house in Perth

“I am very glad to have chosen Zana as my buyer agent. She is very knowledgeable in her field. She provides invaluable and insightful advice on pros/cons/pitfalls of the houses we are looking at. She goes above and beyond her duties to guide us. She is like an elder sister that looks out for us. I learned a lot from her in this process. We live interstate so we depend on her a lot throughout the buying process. She responds to us quickly and patiently. She made the buying process much smoother and easier for us. With her guidance, we have chosen a lovely home we are very happy with. I can’t thank Zana enough for her patience and efforts!I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a house. I will definitely engage her service if I look to buy in Perth again.“

Ann and Isaac, buying remotely from Sydney (March 10th, 2021)

“I cannot thank Zana enough for her help in helping me procure a unit for my daughter. We were living interstate and my daughter had to buy a unit in Perth and she was invaluable. She guided us with every step along the way, from choosing the suburb, to choosing the unit, to helping us with the conveyancing and even helped with the inspection and giving my daughter the keys despite the coronavirus 19 restrictions. I would have no hesitation in referring Zana to my friends should they require to buy something in Perth in the future.”

Sunil, interstate Perth property buyer (July 21st, 2020)

“We’ve congratulated ourselves on our excellent decision to choose Zana as our agent. As expats, we quickly realised the many obstacles (if not impossibility) of buying the right home for us, our intended family home, while overseas. Engaging Zana brought us immediate ease, confidence and our new home! She listened carefully to our needs and concerns, always responded promptly and thoughtfully, offered insight and information which we would not otherwise have been able to access. Zana’s energy, dedication, experience, attention to detail, warmth, good humour and pragmatism were all put to work for us. She quickly helped us narrow the search for a home that met all our requirements and skilfully negotiated a price we were pleased with. As many others have said, we feel like we have made a new friend. We are very grateful and we heartily recommend Zana.”

Leonie and John, expats buying remotely (May 10th, 2020)

“Choosing Zana to help us buy a house was one of the best decisions we made. Having Zana guide us through the difficult and emotional process of choosing a property made the whole experience so much more bearable. After listening to our requirements and keeping our budget in mind, she focused on finding properties that suited our needs. Her enthusiasm kept us going when we felt downhearted and her extensive knowledge saved us from buying outwardly ‘perfect’ properties by pointing out hidden issues such as difficult neighbours, future plans for the area, reselling issues, maintenance issues and much more. She was incredibly understanding and patient, always responding to emails and what’s app messages promptly to answer our queries. She also bore the brunt of dealing with difficult selling agents, which saved us a lot of stress. Zana would take care of all of that, leaving us to view homes in peace. She found us the perfect property and helped us with our negotiations to get a price below the asking value. I would recommend Zana to anyone wanting to buy a property in Perth, she really made this whole process so much easier than if we had tried to go it alone, as well as ensuring we didn’t make the wrong choice-both financially and emotionally. ”

Anita, Perth property buyer (August 31st, 2019)

“After a long stint overseas with a lot of things on the to-do list before relocating, finding and purchasing a house was ideal but seemed like an impossible task on top of everything else given our constraints and the challenging housing market at the time. We engaged Zana and immediately she started feeding through options until we narrowed down the property profile we agreed met our needs. Zana helped filter through the market doing a lot of leg work visiting properties, facilitating walk throughs on video, and looking at the property history as well as providing her experience and knowledge of the area we were looking in. Most valuable though, was removing the emotion from the decision making and always bringing it back to the basics around what we agreed would meet our needs. When we made the match – Zana facilitated making an offer that helped to represent me, the buyer – and ensured the sellers were held strictly to the terms and conditions all the way through to settlement. Throughout the process having Zana on email and WhatsApp, always provided for a quick response and real time updates help me feel comfortable from afar. Without her help, moving back would have been a whole lot more of a mission, stressful and frustrating, never mind the financial risks that may have eventuated – even if I was not overseas I would seriously consider the service if you are busy or just want to avoid some grey hairs.”

Brendon R., Perth buyer relocating from overseas (April 17th, 2019)

“I found Zana to be an out and out professional throughout our recent property purchase. She was tireless in finding the right property and followed the transaction through, communicating with all parties continually and no detail was overlooked. It is the peace of mind you need when making such a major decision. Knowing that Zana was there made the process very positive. I highly recommend Zana, she is an excellent buyer’s agent. “

Peter S., Perth first home buyer (April 3rd, 2019)

“I’ve bought and occasionally sold residential and commercial properties across Perth for 25 years. Recently, related to time constraints, I chose to identify and contract a Buyers Agent to assist with the acquisition of a commercial property. Following review of local options, I contract Zana to acquire a very specific type of commercial property for me. Zana pursued this requirement diligently and communicated efficient and effectively with me at all time. Due to the success for this first transaction I engaged Zana to acquire a further commercial property again she fulfilled this request as per my brief. Zana attentively follows each transaction for its full course and continues to manage and advocate for client goals at all stages of the property acquisition process. Additionally, Zana is a uniquely authentic and likeable professional in the real-estate space. I believe she saved me valuable time and resources in the acquisition of both commercial properties and I’d highly recommend her services to anyone wishing to acquire a property in Perth.“

Astrid, Perth property buyer and investor (March 11th, 2019)

“We have purchased properties in the past, one our future residence and the other a residential investment. On this occasion the purchase was part of a self managed super fund and there was an added pressure to secure the right property. Our initial focus without the advice and assistance from Zana was somewhat narrow and short sighted and Zana provided us with insightful, relevant and contemporary information on property selections that led us to finding and purchasing a fantastic property. Zana is a true professional and we would highly recommend her to our friends and family. Thanks Zana!“

Dave and Christine, Perth property investors (August 6th, 2018)

“We would highly recommend Zana to anyone considering buying property in Perth. Zana made the process of buying our first Australian home simple and relatively stress free. She gave us clear guidance on the Perth property market and helped us to focus our search on a few properties. We were able to find our family home quickly which has really helped us to settle our family here.“

Brendan and Catherine, relocating to Perth from overseas (February 9th, 2018)

“With the benefit of Zana’s ongoing professional assistance and advice I successfully concluded the purchase of a residential property for my personal occupation. From the inception of Zana’s appointment as my buyers agent she consistently invested unwavering time and effort in assessing and researching potentially suitable properties on my behalf. Zana’s extensive experience in and knowledge of the Perth residential property market coupled with relevant qualifications relating to property values and the building industry generally as well as her impressive negotiating skills proved invaluable to me. I was completely satisfied with the outcome and would unreservedly recommend Zana to any aspiring purchaser.”

Terry, buyer relocating from Sydney to Perth (August 16th, 2017)

“Being working and living overseas for 6 years, we found Perth property market to be very different to what we were used to, we had been searching for a house online with help of friends but hadn’t really firmed on exact specifications, thus we decided to use a professional buyer’s agent to find us a family home, and luckily we found Zana. From the first video conference with Zana we knew we were working with someone who knew her stuff both business wise and in general just how to communicate with a client. Zana managed to explain to us the whole process and explained that it could be possibly the 1st or it may be the 50th property we would find but it would be the right place in the right location that ticked maximum number of boxes. So from the start of the property search to the final completion date Zana was informative all throughout the process from different angles, The level of care and detail Zana showed at each step, the time Zana took to understand our preferences and family needs (i.e. proximity to schools, life style, etc.), the hassle Zana took out of the process and the effort she made to help refer us to other people for other services we needed (property manager, inspectors, etc.) made a very stressful process much easier. Thank you, Zana, very much for all the dedication, stress, and hard work that went into making our family home come true and looking forward to deal with you again when we have enough money to buy our next investment property. We have much appreciation for Zana’s thoughtfulness and professional conduct in finding us our lovely family home, we couldn’t make it without her. Thanks is not adequate.”

Suf and Mais, buying property in Perth from overseas (May 4th, 2017)

“We were living abroad in 2016 and engaged Zana to assist us with the purchase of a property in Perth. We have only visited Perth as tourists prior and were very particular with our requirements; family home, location desirable for resale, walking distance <1km to train station/primary and high school/shopping/beach, etc. Zana arranged viewing times which suited our time zone and we viewed many properties via FaceTime. As we were not familiar with Perth, Zana provided a wealth of local knowledge from past use to future zoning plans, road noise and difficulties with driving children to school due to congestion as well as neighbours activities. From Zanas experience she was able to point out the highlights and pitfalls of each property, approximate costs to renovate which needed to be considered by us, and due to her database access she was able to provide an approximate value for each property in the current market. Several times we deliberated over a property late into the night prior to a ‘sale by negotiation’ and Zana was busy late at night preparing documents for us. After a 4 month search, where Zana had covered many miles in house inspections, we had found the house we wanted. Here Zana really came into her own. She ensured the settlement process went smoothly, arranged all inspections, ran the property plans past a third part to check, noted that part of the property did not have planning approval and she arranged a settlement retainer to ensure we were covered for the expenses of architect drawings and the approval process. Also, Zana noted the neighbours and checked with the council for any plans lodged to extend their properties – here we found a neighbour was building a 2 storey extension into their back yard which had the potential to look onto our back yard. Zana maintained a polite and friendly relationship with all the real estate agents and owners she met which has enabled us to continue the relationship amicably, particularly with the previous owner who has visited us several times to teach us about how the house works. Zana met us at the house on our first day in country and handed us the keys and showed us around what she had learned of the property. She had advised us which local utilities and service providers we should use and we were able to get ready for moving in from abroad. Zana has been an absolute pleasure to work with and has helped us make the smoothest transition possible during a time of upheaval in our lives. Zana works with modern communication tools such as WhatsApp and FaceTime which make interfacing with her from abroad very easy. I have already recommended her to my friends who are looking to purchase a home. I believe in our case the Buyers Agent fee was more than justified given the peace of mind Zana gave us and the many hours of work she put in for us. For us to fly to Perth to attend viewing and avoid the mistakes we could have made had it not been for Zanas advise would have been very expensive.”

Anne, Cottesloe buyer (December 30th, 2016)

“Our decision to engage Zana was the best decision we’ve ever made in terms of a property investment process. Zana was able to identify potential candidate properties and guide us through the purchase process. Her knowledge of areas to target, desirable features and functions of properties in the Perth market, and price guidance was outstanding. Zana personally inspected many properties offering a very considered and appropriate opinion. We are very happy to say that we ended up purchasing a property that met our target requirements and for a very good price. Without hesitation, we totally recommend Zana of Property Buyer Services as being a totally independent, experienced, professional, courteous, value-for-money buyer’s agent providing outstanding service and foremost best representing the client’s interest.”

Victor and Phillip, interstate investors (March 28th, 2016)

“By all accounts from the first point of contact until the deal was sealed, Zana from Property Buyers Services was methodical, meticulous, professional, dedicated, efficient, courteous and always had my back 100% of the time. Priceless and reassuring, especially considering a home is the biggest financial decision a person will make in their lifetime. Words cannot fully express my gratitude for your absolute commitment to achieving a dream result for my family and I. A big thank you from Charmaine and the Family in Willetton, Perth WA”

Charmaine Farah, Perth property buyer (March 3rd, 2016)

“Zana’s knowledge and great communication skills really made my home buying experience extremely easy. She took care of everything from start until finish and helped me get the best results.”

Tom Stahl, first home buyer (January 18th, 2016)

“We would highly recommend Zana to help with buying property: we found her to be a very knowledgeable and professional buyer’s agent and a really nice person as well. She was an objective third party that helped us make decisions about which property to buy, without the emotional attachment that we had formed with different properties that we viewed over a couple of months of looking at houses. It was a joy working with Zana and we knew she had our best interests at the forefront at all times when looking for property and dealing with sellers’ agents; we would definitely use her services again if we buy property in the future.”

Andrew and Annette, Perth property buyers (November 24th, 2015)

“As first time buyers in Perth and not really having any extensive knowledge of the housing market, we engaged Zana to assist us with finding and negotiating the purchase of our first home in Western Australia. Throughout the process Zana was professional, informative and determined to help us find our perfect home. We are very happy with our result and would recommend Zana without hesitation. Zana’s expertise and negotiating skills were invaluable.”

David and Carolyn Charnock, Perth first time buyers (May 4th, 2015)

“We engaged Zana to help us search and secure a property in Perth. We bought our home while still living in Shanghai, and as such, required a person in Perth that we felt comfortable with but who could also represent us with the appropriate level of professionalism and dedication. We were operating under tight timeframes and had little knowledge of the Perth property market, but Zana was able to extend her full commitment and time to our situation. From the outset, Zana was able to provide her strong knowledge of the region together with a clear understanding of our personal requirements. The buying process was executed and completed in a very smooth and efficient manner. Zana scheduled all inspections and made arrangements for all associated agents and/or formalities. Zana was also able to provide useful information about the local facilities that helped us select the right place for us and upcoming developments to ensure our investment is well protected. We are extremely grateful to Zana and would strongly recommend her to any genuine buyer. Zana is a passionate person with high integrity and was extremely patient but persistent with our objectives. We issued offers on a number of properties and Zana remained supportive towards our requirements and respected our position at all times.” Zana provided a practical and value oriented approach that was reasonable, reliable and realistic. We found a great deal of sense in all of her recommendations and suggestions. Zana was able to remove the anxiety and uncertainties from the house hunting process and actually make the transaction enjoyable and financially rewarding. In summary, Zana was extremely committed and also acted in our best interest. She managed to secure a property at a fair price in a great location for us. We are certainly grateful for her time, efforts and interest to ensure we secured the most appropriate property. We have and will continue to recommend Zana. Our experience was excellent!

Melinda and Tom, relocating to Perth from overseas (October 21st, 2014)

“We had not visited Perth before buying the property and we were very nervous to commit such a huge financial commitment. But we did beat the odds and against the norm of buying a house without having physically inspected the property and studying the suburb personally, due to logistic constraint while working overseas. All of this would not have been possible without Zana’s professional help and service. Zana was able to take away all my anxiety and walk with me through the entire process smoothly. Most importantly she understood our needs criteria and budget constraints, always looked out for us to protect our interest, helped us to study and survey the surrounding of the potential properties. Her hands on experience and knowledge of the suburb profile were really invaluable. Zana was more than just an agent, she is a friend and helped us in many ways in moving in, going around and give us good tips in starting a new life in Perth. Excellent job!”

Clement and Hilda Gooi, family relocating from overseas (August 6th, 2014)

“We had wanted to purchase a house before moving to Perth. Having little understanding of Perth residential market, we thought it might be risky to make the purchase ourselves from real estate websites. We were glad we engaged the help of Zana, who provided invaluable advice and guided us through the house buying process. Zana is reliable and extremely passionate on her role as a buyer’s agent. During house hunting, she did not solely rely on pictures and descriptions from real estate websites, but personally visited houses and their surroundings before recommending to us. As we had to fly in for the house visits, she ensured that all 3 houses we visited met our requirements and were good properties. We decided on one during that trip. In negotiating with the seller, Zana ensured that she had all relevant facts on recent transactions in the vicinity. This gave us an assurance what we paid is a fair market value and saved us thousands of dollars from the seller listed price. As we were unable to be in Perth during settlement, Zana went beyond her call of duties and helped with the pre-settlement inspection. During the inspection, her attention to details was commendable and she ensured that everything was working before settlement. We want to give our heartfelt thanks to Zana for making this house purchase so pleasant and efficient.”

Tommy Lee and Sharon Tann, Perth first time buyers (August 6th, 2014)

“I engaged Zana to assist with purchasing a family home prior to relocating from Singapore to Perth. Zana’s knowledge of the Perth market, her ability to keep us on brief, and her flexibility in working with us remotely was invaluable. We are very happy with our purchase and would highly recommend Zana’s services to anyone looking to purchase in Perth.”

Simon and Catherine, relocating to Perth from overseas (August 6th, 2014)

“My wife and I can’t recommend buyers agent Zana highly enough. Despite living in the area where we were keen to buy a property it became obvious very early on that we didn’t have sufficient time to do ourselves any justice. The decision regarding who to appoint was an easy one to make as from the outset she was prompt and courteous and straight to the point – a quality to be cherished in real estate. Once Zana was on the job for us we really were finally able to breathe easy, and in approximately five weeks she found us the perfect property and helped see our offer through to acceptance within two days. Zana unquestionably saved us money during the negotiation process and we came in well under budget. In addition, Zana was incredibly generous with her time, and seemed to go above and beyond well after the deal was as good as done in order to make sure that we were not left floundering. We had no trouble believing in the merits of a buyer’s agent for expats and for investors, but we are now convinced that this is a wise move for everyone and fully intend to make use of Zana’s professional services again in the future.”

James Cameron, Perth first home buyer (August 6th, 2014)

“My husband and I would thoroughly recommend Zana as a buyers agent. Being first time property buyers/investors and living 3 hours from Perth Zana’s knowledge of the property market; the detail and evaluations of potential properties she provided; her expertise in negotiating with selling agents and her assistance and professionalism up through the whole process including settlement was extremely worthwhile and valued highly by us.”

Gemma and Daniel Gooding, Perth property investors (August 6th, 2014)

”We are living in Perth and had been looking around for 2 years for an investment property without any success. We were firstly time poor and secondly, unsure of the quality of the suburbs due to the diversity of the Perth market. We have driven around to suburbs recommended by friends and colleagues, and property magazines / forums, but amazingly cannot find something to suit. As the investment outlay is significant, we also did not want to make an expensive mistake. We got in touch with a few buyers agents and they all required an upfront fee. Zana was the only agent confident enough to charge when there is a successful purchase. We liked Zana when we met her as she listened to our objectives before recommending. We felt that is important as different buyers have different requirements for investing. Zana also knew the Perth market well, and we were able to narrow the search pretty fast. We are very happy to report that with intensive guidance and invaluable assistance from Zana, we finally knew what we wanted and found the one. We knew and we did buy during the peak, but we are confident of our purchase enough to sleep peacefully at night. Thank you Zana !“

Lena, Perth property investor (August 6th, 2014)

“If someone is looking for a good property in Perth, ask for Zana’s help. Zana is not just only a property agent, she is a really good advisor and professional person. She saved our time and money as well. We would never think to buy such a good property without her. I would just like to say she gave us a new good life. Once you know her, I am sure 100% everyone will be satisfied about her professional, organized and astute help. Zana has an excellent knowledge. Thanks Zana again for your help.”

Young Phil Lee and Mihui Back, Perth first time buyers (January 22nd, 2013)

“Having owned houses at various times in Perth over the past three decades living here I was quite familiar with the market and the way things are done in Western Australia. Buying property is difficult enough on your own in Western Australia so having a buyer’s agent work with you puts things in your favour quite significantly, and the cost is small in comparison to what you save getting a better price, and Zana helped me get a much better price. This was to be my first investment in property and in 2012, being very busy and wanting to ensure I would obtain an investment without emotion and utilise a property expert at the same time I decided to approach Property Buyers Services for assistance. I needed someone who would work for me to protect my interests and so I engaged Zana to assist me. She would ensure I made the right property investment decision and would negotiate with the vendor’s agent to obtain a good price for me. I found Zana to be very diligent and extremely hard working for me. She kept me fully informed and on top of the issues and worked closely with me under my direction I can highly recommend any Perth resident interested in buying a new home or an investment property to engage a buyer’s agent to work with them, and when doing so choose Property Buyers Services and have Zana on your side. It has been a fantastic experience for me and worth every cent. I purchased my investment property this week and feel confident I made the best purchase as I had the full support of Zana and I am very happy that I engaged her.”

David Holywell, property investor (July 9th, 2012)

“As I work overseas, I decided to appoint a Perth buyer agent to help me and my wife searching and negotiating the house that we want. We feel lucky to have Zana as our agent not only because she helped us a lot during the process but she also found a property that was not listed in the market and it turned out to be a good buy for us. I can say that she saved us from making emotional decision which could be costly for us. Through her wealth of experience, Zana helps Perth buyers making the right decision.”

Putu Suabawa, Perth first home buyer (April 3rd, 2012)

“My wife and I were based in Shanghai at the time we started to think about buying a home back in Perth, Australia to move into when we return. We found Zana through recommendations on a local website. From the very first email she sent, we knew Zana was a very knowledgeable professional buyers agent, focused on meeting our needs. She over-communicated on every detail, making sure that all discussions she had with other real estate agents, settlement agents and banks were documented and that we knew what was happening at each step. This was just the assurance we needed as we were buying the home without seeing it with our own eyes. My wife and I had quite particular requirements for our new home, but Zana was quick to anticipate our needs, allowing us to quickly narrow down the search. Her attention to detail was fantastic. No stone was left unturned. We were not pressed for time to buy the house, but the whole process of searching and negotiating with the seller, which Zana facilitated, went so smoothly that we made an offer within 3 weeks of contacting her, and the keys were handed over within 1 month after that. Zana also put us in contact with the best bankers, settlement agents and rental agents, which added to our peace of mind and made everything run without any problems. Zana’s reputation is definitely well deserved and we would recommend her to anyone wanting to buy a home in Perth.”

Leo Boog & Shenny Ruan, overseas buyers (March 21st, 2012)

“Having Zana acting as our buyers agent and assisting us finding us a suitable home in Perth has been the best decision ever! She helped us during the entire process and we’re sure we’ve now got the best house in the best location for the best price. What can be an emotional and stressful decision time, Zana is the neutral objective party to keep you grounded. She’s absolutely worth the investment!”

Eve Broenland, Perth first home buyer (March 20th, 2012)

“After being overseas for 10 years, and having no experience in the Perth property market, we contacted Zana, Perth buyers agent, to help us purchase a house that ticked all the right boxes. From the moment we got in touch with her, Zana proved to be very reliable, thorough and on the ball. She helped us understand the process of buying property in Perth and provided the information necessary for us to make a fair offer on the home in our area of interest. Zana stood her ground during the negotiations with the aggresive seller’s agent and kept us in the loop at all times. She helped us get the home we fell in love with at the price we wanted to pay. We would highly recommend Zana and her Property Buyers Services to anybody looking to buy a house in Perth.”

Anna and Robbert Wolters, relocating to Perth from overseas (April 6th, 2011)

“I was keen to buy property in Perth, but residing in Melbourne and working in North West Australia made this a difficult task. I emailed and called several Perth-based Buyer’s Advocates. Of all the Advocates contacted, Zana was the standout from the beginning. Zana, my Perth buyers agent, stuck to the parameters I gave her and kept me well informed; she is a good communicator. Zana has excellent insight into the Perth property market and knows how to source relevant information. Zana drove the buying process with professional enthusiasm right through to final settlement of my first Perth property. I didn’t have to deal with Perth selling agents directly, and felt comfortable with the way Zana handled difficult negotiations on my behalf. I was very happy with my final purchase and would not hesitate to recommend Zana’s buyers agency services to any prospective property buyer in Perth.”

Kevin Bartholomew, Perth property buyer (February 26th, 2011)

“As a newly arrived migrant and a first time home buyer, we were at a loss as how to proceed avoiding the costly and irreversible mistakes, not to mention dealing with the Perth seller’s agent with vast experience to handle seller’s side only. Having Zana on our side as our Perth buyer agent was a relief. Thanks to her professionalism, ethical and honest approach we were able to secure a lovely property matching almost all our requirements. We also commend Zana’s ‘No purchase, no fee’ policy which, in our opinion, adds to her professional attributes of putting her goals more towards the goals of her clients. We appreciate her ability to collect all the required information in the least possible time and her vast experience to suggest based on ‘what else can go wrong’ which eliminated almost all the unforeseeable issues with our lovely property. We’ll surely take her buyer agent services again in the future and recommend Zana whole heartedly to anybody buying property in Perth.”

Kazi Shahid and Zarin Zahid, first time home buyers in Perth (November 24th, 2010)

“We contacted Zana, Perth buyers advocate, in August 2010 to ask her about helping finding us a new home. We were quite happy in our rental place and wanted to take some time to find the right home and ensure that we paid the right price. We both felt very comfortable with Zana and felt she answered our questions and responded to our concerns honestly and objectively. Zana provided us with excellent information on our process, and intervened in discussions with the agent so that all subsequent communication went through her. The selling agent had tried to put us under pressure to act quickly. We felt calm and in control and well informed thanks to Zana. Zana let us know at each stage what our obligations and rights were and when and how we could walk away – she truly was our advocate. Zana explained to us that it was important that we determined a price we would be happy with and she was confident that we had as she knew we considered it our ‘walk away’ price. After we bought the house in Perth my husband and I felt really good about it as we were confident that we had a good buy and had not let our emotions or the pressure get the better of us. I believe we paid considerably less than if we had not used Zana and in addition to securing us a great home in Perth for a great price we had the additional value of peace of mind. Even though our search was considerably short, we feel we received good value. We love the house and would definitely use Zana again and recommend her.”

Sally and Adam, Perth property buyers (November 14th, 2010)

“In September 2010, I decided to buy my first home in Perth. After living in Western Australia for two years, I have arranged my finance and started house hunting. Thanks to Zana, my buyers agent, I have purchased a better house in a nicer neighborhood at a much lower price than I could possibly have accomplished by myself. Zana saved me the stress of trying to negotiate with the Perth real estate agents the best deal possible. It came as a surprise to me that in Perth the selling agents usually act both for the buyer and the seller. I didn’t want that, it seemed not right to me. Because of Zana taking over the negotiations and because of her professional contacts and impartial advice, I now have a home I really love, all under budget and in record time.”

Brian Fielding, Perth first home buyer (November 3rd, 2010)

“Using Zana’s Perth buyer’s agent services was a five star experience. Living in Sydney, I needed someone on the ground in Perth who was trustworthy and practical and I found Zana to be both these things and more. Zana is highly ethical, professional, organised and astute and has an excellent knowledge of Perth’s property market and values. She also understands the other side of the coin – the sellers and seller’s agents which is invaluable in negotiations. The non-tangible savings I experienced such as in stress, leg work and in the handling of the administration before and after my offer was accepted, as well as the monetary savings gained by securing the right price for the property, made her services worth every penny and more. Without Zana I know I wouldn’t have found the right property at the right price in such a short timeframe. Thank you Zana!”

Priscilla Campbell-Wilson, an East Coast investor into Perth property market (August 5th, 2010)

“We bought our first home after we were in Perth for around 2.5 years. We were lucky to have Zana, our buyer’s agent which made buying property not so difficult. Buying property in Perth is not so simple either. We were both working when we were doing the house hunting, and it became worse as I have to fly in fly out to my work place which brought much limited time for us to attend the house viewing. Zana introduced herself as property buyer’s agent and honestly this was not familiar for us as this is uncommon in Asia, especially Jakarta, the city which we both originated from. After Zana patiently briefed us the duties and responsibilities of her position, we came to the decision to engage her as our buyer’s agent. Attending a limited house viewing after a week of the first meeting with Zana, we found our dream house which closely met to all of our expectations. We gave Zana the instruction to follow up the house which we liked and she acted quickly, sent her responses and views about the house and future growth of the area before she then contacted the selling agent to arrange the next viewing together with us. You would not end with regrets for sure to use her property buyers services, even lucky and happy feeling will rise at the end of the house hunting journey. Every emails, phone calls, even phone text messages will be responded quickly. None of the details being missed out from pre settlement until post settlement. From bidding and pricing, all third party inspections (building, termites and pool), final house inspections, finalizing the contract, engage buyers settlement agent, until final settlement and pick up the house key to your hand, Zana still with us and never left us alone. We have promised her to use her property buyers service again in the future for our investment property because we trust her and had a very good experience with the first one. Thank you Zana, for giving your full dedication for our achievement.”

Carolus and Satina Arjoko, Perth first home buyers (August 4th, 2010)

“When my wife and I started looking for our first investment property in Perth we realised that we would be facing Perth buyers and agents who simply knew much more than we did. We didn’t want to be at a disadvantage so decided that we needed someone “in our corner”. As professionals with two young children we also simply didn’t have time to research the market, attend home opens and conduct negotiations. We were very lucky to chance upon Zana, Perth buyers agent, who took the time to get to know us and what we were after, scoured the Perth property market on our behalf, presented us with opportunities, attended home opens, researched strata and council information, advised us on which properties were over-priced, advised us on negotiating strategies and negotiated and presented offers on our behalf. During this time we were very impressed with her work ethic, honesty and simple enthusiasm for her job. She eventually found an investment property in Perth, a fantastic apartment for us, which she secured at a very realistic price. We have no hesitation in saying that she was worth every penny of her fee, and can heartily recommend her to other Perth property investors.”

Craig and Astrid Cooper, Perth property investors (August 4th, 2010)

“We recently bought our first home. Although we were already in Perth, we opted to hire a buyer’s agent because otherwise you really need to know what you are doing or be willing to believe everything the seller’s agent tells you. With Zana’s market research we steered clear of three houses that had poor sales histories—we would’ve never known otherwise. When we did find the house we wanted, she gave us peace of mind that it was good value for our money. We were only too happy to have Zana as our Perth buyers agent negotiate on our behalf with the very aggressive seller’s agent. Zana was always available to answer our questions throughout the entire process.”

Lori Lach, Perth first-time buyer (August 4th, 2010)

“Buying a house is stressful enough, but when you have to go through the whole process from a different continent, you need somebody on the ground to rely on. Zana, our Perth buyers agent, was on the ball from day one and we always felt she was looking out for us and our interests, even after the Perth house purchase was settled. More than anything, she kept us constantly informed about what was going on, even to the extent that we received an email update on Christmas Day. We managed to find and buy a house in Perth that ticked all the boxes on our wish list, and at a price we could afford. This was undoubtedly due to Zana’s support and her buyers agent experience.”

Andy and Mayumi Park, relocating to Perth from overseas (August 4th, 2010)

“My wife and I are living in the UK and are moving back to Perth at the end of 2009. We wanted to purchase a property in Perth before we moved back and the prospect was daunting. Should we fly back and spend a hectic two weeks running between estate agents with no guarantee we would find a property. So now three months down the line we are about to settle on a lovely property that ticked all the right boxes. This was only made possible by the services of Zana, Perth buyers agent from Property Buyers Services. She has provided an excellent service from start to finish, she is super quick at replying to queries and provides an invaluable insight to the local market. We trawled though hundreds of properties on the Internet and forwarded her our favourites, from her position of knowledge she was able to vet many of them, saving us time and money. With a bit of patience we finally found the perfect house in Perth with all the boxes ticked off our wish list. Further more, as we were purchasing from abroad, Zana, our buyers agent was able to advise on every aspect of the purchase, from building surveys to settlement agencies this made the purchase relatively stress free. I would definitely recommend Zana from Property Buyers Services as a buyers agent to anyone, especially if you are purchasing from abroad, or if you don’t know the Perth or Australian property market. Thank you Zana for helping us find our dream home in Perth.”

Dylan & Driana Rayner, relocating from Europe to Perth (August 4th, 2010)

“I was a first home buyer in Perth and due to the current economic uncertainty I decided to hire Zana of Perth Property Buyers Services as my buyers agent in March 2009. Zana provided information on the current market trends which helped me decide if the property I was purchasing was fairly priced. Zana provided excellent professional advice on the process of purchasing a property in Perth. In addition she negotiated hard on my behalf and obtained a fair price, well below the asking price of the property. Zana also drafted responses on my behalf and checked that I was happy with all the correspondence. She was very efficient in her communication to me and the selling agent. Zana not only attended the final inspection, but she also inspected the property initially and found out that it was in a well located area and close to certain facilities such as transportation, schools and shops. She also provided me with contacts for the building and termite inspection to be done; this has saved me a lot of hassle and troubles. Zana also walked me through the settlement process, always there to answer any queries that I had.”

Amit Patel, Perth first time buyer (August 4th, 2010)

“As overseas investors into the Perth property market, we needed the insight and experience of someone who was knowledgeable on the current market and who could also do the viewings and negotiations on our behalf. We appointed Zana as our Perth buyers agent in January 2009, and we liked the fact that her fees are paid only on settlement. Zana was very professional and very good in maintaining communication with us during all the stages, from the property search right up until settlement date. As first time buyers into the property scene, our inexperience could have potentially cost us a lot – both in terms of time and money – but Zana was there to guide us from the beginning. As overseas buyers, we hit a few bumps in the road, and we are certain that without Zana’s help, we probably would still be without a property. Zana has definitely saved us time and travel expenses, and lots of tears of frustration.”

Jean and Robert Prije, overseas investors (August 4th, 2010)

“We appointed Zana from Perth Property Buyers Services as our buyers agent in Perth, Western Australia, while our family was still in Scotland. Zana supplied us with all the relevant information on all the market listings of the Northern Suburbs of Perth that we were interested in buying into. We were also informed in detail on the market trends and recent sales in our selected areas, which we wouldn’t have been able to access, especially while we were overseas. We did the first viewings during our initial visit to Perth. Zana was always one phone call away, but never influencing our shortlist of the properties based on our budget and our views. Once we decided which property to purchase Zana acted on our behalf to place the offer and assisted us in the after-sale service, while we were in Europe. During the negotiation period she informed us on the seller’s position, listing our manoevring options during the offer and the counter-offer phase. Most importantly, her pricing strategy has secured us a house in Perth at a very good price in a record time. Zana’s exactitude, confidence and a great understanding of numbers were all invaluable assets to us. E.g. as part of her ongoing after-sale service, Zana organized both termite and building inspection in a matter of only two days. Time was of essence to us, and Zana delivered timely and accurately.”

Rod Mathers and family (August 4th, 2010)

“I would like to say how pleased I am with all the hard work and stress that Zana has saved me by using her Property Buyers Services. Living so far from Perth was going to be a big obstacle in finding a property in Perth. I have saved the big expense of time and travel, and the headaches of searching and inspecting unsuitable properties. I have been through it all before so I can say from experience. It was great that after we saw a few properties on my shortlist; Zana understood exactly what I was looking for. She then found an off-the-market apartment in Perth; it was just what I was looking for. Zana arranged the first and second viewing; it was excellent, as I wouldn’t have found it myself. Then Zana did all the research necessary and negotiated a price that resulted in a sale. Zana helped every step of the way. Her efficiency, availability and personal interest were most helpful in securing the right property in a very short time. Having a friendly and experienced Perth buyers agent on my side made the whole process of buying an investment property in Perth so smooth and easy.”

Mary Wennagel, investor (August 4th, 2010)