Zana van de Graaf, buyer's advocate in Perth, WA, has an MA in Property Valuation and Law.

The property buyers who have appointed Zana van de Graaf as their Perth buyer’s agent praise her for her ability to listen carefully to the individual buyer’s criteria and look for the exact types of properties that would suit their needs.

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There are various risks involved in purchasing an established property in Perth. One of those is covered in Zana’s article: Retrospective approvals pitfalls

A buyer agent? Does a Perth property buyer really need one?

In Perth, WA, real estate transactions are dominated by sales agents who work for the sellers. The agent’s main aim is to get the maximum price for the sellers. When a Perth buyer approaches a selling agent and asks them: “Can you get me a good deal?” what can they really expect.

The buyer’s agent can provide an objective property and price analysis report and assist in making good decisions about the property. This can help avoid making costly mistakes.

In some countries, such as Canada, it is common practice for the property buyers to appoint a buyer’s agent who acts for them. The two agents then share a commission. This practice ensures an even playing field for both parties to the transaction: seller and buyer, is well defined by law and accepted by the selling agent. Not in WA!… Read more

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