We help buy homes and investment properties in Perth.

“Zana from Property Buyers Services was methodical, meticulous, professional, dedicated, efficient, courteous and always had my back 100% of the time. Priceless and reassuring, especially considering a home is the biggest financial decision a person will make in their lifetime.” (Perth house buyer)


Are you living interstate or overseas? Or maybe you’re here in Perth, but simply too busy to attend home-opens at the weekend? Perhaps you’re unwilling to handle selling agents who only push their own listings on you, and they don’t understand what you’re after.

Click to see what this full buying agent’s service comprises:
  • Reviewing your property brief to help us understand the driving force behind your purchase.
  • Researching the market.
  • Sourcing the properties that are not on the market yet or are silent listings.
  • Evaluating and shortlisting properties that best match your requirements.
  • Undertaking inspections and video walk-throughs of shortlisted properties.
  • Conducting due diligence on properties that are penciled in.
  • Buyer’s agent appraisal and proposal of the buying range.
  • Negotiating and securing the best possible price for your chosen property.
  • A full after-sales service including all inspections and handover of keys.


What happens if after a long search you’ve either inspected the property or found the property you want? And now you need an experienced negotiator to secure it for you.

Click to see what this part buyer’s advocate service includes:
  • A thorough inspection of your identified property.
  • Conducting due diligence on the specific property chosen by you.
  • Buyer’s agent appraisal of the property identified by you.
  • Negotiating and delivering the best value for money on your desired property.
  • Assistance with inspections and a full after-sales support until settlement date.